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First I’ll introduce myself. My name is Ruud Blankvoort. It won’t be much of a surprise that I am a passionate cyclist. I cycle whenever I can, as much as I can! On Sundays I cycle mostly with friends and on weekdays I get out on either the road bike or the mountain bike. During the summer on of course on cycle vacations and during the spring the occasional ‘classic’ with some equally passionate relatives. That’s when I thought: what if this was my job?

Small hitch there: I already had a job. For over 25 years at a graphic training and deployment agency of which I had been a co-owner for the last 16 years. Was it time for a change? Or a potential midlife crisis? I have no idea, but the thought got hold of me. I decided to look around. What did people close to me think? Most of them were very enthusiastic. But I think more out of empathy than anything else. There were also some sceptics. Obviously less empathetic: ‘how on earth will you distinguish yourself and why in heavens name the Czech Republic?’. And that’s when it finally all came together.

On a ancient bike through Modena, Italy 

Why the Czech Republic?

Live from Valtice. Delicious!

Have you ever been in New Zealand? I haven’t. But the way I imagine New Zealand, that’s how parts of the Czech Republic looks like. At times almost un-European. Of course, Toscany is beautiful to cycle through, as is the north of Italy. And France. And Spain. And even Belgium. But the Czech Republic… It has something that all of the others miss. A nature that can be truly overwhelming. A landscape that can be Toscany hilly as well as flat as the Netherlands. It has ‘Loire-looking’ castles and wines that rise to the standard of those from the Bordaux or Rioja. It has the wealth of Vienna and the romance of Paris. But most importantly: most of it is yet to be discovered. That’s why!

How on earth will you distinguish yourself?

Honestly, that’s the easy part. I don’t think people should book a cycle vacation. I think they should book an experience. Better yet: a memory.

Memories of a magnificent nature and a little adventure. But also memories of the Czech culture. Visit museums and get to know the Republic’s past. Visit the castles, drink the Czech beer and, of course, the wines of Moravia. And not to forget: taste the famous Czech dumplings in their sauces.

Last but not least: Cyklo Travel’s motto is the good life on the bicycle. I believe that your daily arrival has to be as wonderful as your day on the bike has been. That is why I don’t do upgrades. These tours áre the upgrade.

Moravia wine-mud. This meant walking!

World Wide Fund for Nature



Hoe gaaf dat zij meedoen!

I believe that benefitting from such a wonderful nature also creates certain responsibilities towards it. That is: giving something back to nature. Greenpeace and the Word Wide Fond for Nature agreed with me on that. I am therefor thrilled that they were willing to attach their names to Cyklo Travel. You donate to either one with each kilometre that you cycle. But of course only if you are willing! If you want to know more: click here

Lastly, everything at Cyklo Travel is a little personal. And that’s the fun of it as well. Everyone that has questions or doubts about something: call! At times its good to simply talk about it.


Let’s bike!


Ruud Blankvoort


Cyklo Travel is een reisorganisatie gespecialiseerd in fietsreizen en het goede leven in Tsjechië.

Reizen bij Cyklo Travel zijn altijd een beetje avontuurlijk en bedoeld voor iedereen die ook houdt van het goede leven!


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