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Cyklo Travel donates for every kilometre you cycle

Every kilometre is of value.

Everyone who books a cycle or hiking vacation contributes to the environment. They are, so to speak, “green-bookers’. I have the privilege to organize cycle vacations, which means I am being pretty green as well. Cyklo Travel would like to go even further by donating € 0,10 cents for every kilometre that you cycle per booking. It’s not used as a means to make Cyklo Travel commercially more interesting but simply because it’s good to contribute to the preservation of these wonderful destinations. At least, only if you agree of course!

And it feels great too to help nature a little

Ruud Blankvoort

Oprichter en eigenaar van Cyklo Travel

To what charity do you wish to donate?

We have selected two charities mainly because both focus on the important themes. Greenpeace fights world wide for a better environment and a nature that is cleaner. The World Wide Fund for Nature fights for the protection of fauna. Together they make up for a huge part of global environment protection.


World Wide Fund for Nature

Greenpeace has been active in 42 countries after they were founded in 1970. Greenpeace has 5 core values:

  1. Clean forests
  2. Clean energy
  3. Living oceans
  4. A toxin-free world
  5. Sustainable agriculture

Bron: Greenpeace.


When you want to read more about Greenpeace click here.

The WNF has been active sine 1962. It fights for the protection of nature across the globe. The WNF has 4 general aims:

  1. The protection of 9 regions chosen by the WNF, wherever it is possible.
  2. The protection of 13 endangered animals, which are symbolic to the conservation of a region. Think of polar bears or the black rhino.
  3. The reduction of human prints on nature and advocating the sustainable production of goods, with the focus on 5 natural resources.
  4. To reduce the threat of climate change and the to further innovations.

Bron: WNF


When you want to read more about the World Wide Fund for Nature here.

Do you prefer a different charity?

Cyklo Travel subtracts the donations from the booking costs.

It may be so that the charities we provide are not to your liking and you would prefer that your contribution goes to another charity. While you are booking a vacation the bookings form provides the possibility to decline the donation. In that case we will deduct the amount originally meant for a charity from your total booking cost.


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